A good neighbour

The liquid fats and oils that BEWA stores are brought in by boat; however, BEWA is not located on the waterfront: DCS lies in between. Together, we have come up with a great solution.

Waste heat

BEWA, the neighbour across the road from DCS, produces its own power by fermenting food refuse from restaurants, for example. The fermentation process is carried out in two large tanks and produces a lot of excessive heat. How can this waste heat be put to good use?

Part of everyday business

For CSR, it is important that specific targets concerning human rights, working conditions, environment, ethics and so on are incorporated into the company’s overall targets. It is not enough to just formulate CSR targets. An organisation must translate them into practical policy and monitor and adjust them if necessary, just like it does with its other targets. If an external audit demonstrates that an organisation does this in a well-considered and professional manner, the CSR certificate is issued.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of the innovative character of DCS. The whole organisation is aware of the importance of CSR and contributes to possible improvements. This engagement resulted in DCS becoming the first company in the Netherlands to be certified for the Dutch IMA MVO standard for Corporate Social Responsibility. A qualification we are very proud of!