Automatically metallized prefabricated tubes for the construction of the Netkous

The first parts have been installed on the concrete construction. The viaduct has a total length of 400 metres

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First large metallizing project for ProRail

This mega project involved 15,000 kilograms of aluminium and 12,000 litres of paint. The blasting and metallizing of the individual tubes and rings was carried out fully automated and comprised the first large metallizing project for ProRail. DCS is proud of its innovative contribution to this striking structure.

Striking structure in the heart of The Hague

The light rail flyover in The Hague’s Beatrixkwartier office district is commonly known as the ‘Netkous’ (fishnet stocking), an understandable name given the shape of the construction. Due to the sturdy construction of the space-frame tubular structure, fairly large spans were possible. Therefore, relatively few columns at street level were needed. DCS metallized the prefabricated components, which were then assembled in The Hague, and subsequently touched up and finished the viaduct segments on location before applying a topcoat in a colour especially developed for this project.

Metallizing of the welding joints