Floodgates at Krimpen aan den IJssel

Arrival and unloading of floodgates

Delta Works renovation

The floodgates at Krimpen aan den IJssel make up the first installation of the various Delta Works projects. The gates were installed in 1958, only five years after the big North Sea flood of 1953. Between 2008 and 2010, DCS blasted and metallized the entire floodgate construction of this storm surge barrier, which is so vital in protecting the Netherlands from the sea. The engine rooms have also been completely renovated.

A floodgate after treatment and ready for transport

100 years maintenance free

By using portable robots, 80 per cent of the metallization work on the floodgates could be carried out fully automated. As a consequence, the phased renovation could be conducted within a very short timeframe, which was essential for such an important component of the storm surge barrier. The total project comprised 12,000 man-hours, 6,000 kilograms of aluminium and 2,000 litres of paint. It is expected that this new protective coating will leave the floodgates maintenance free for 100 years!

They barely fitted into the hall!

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