Civil engineering

Metallizing: an increasingly prominent technique

Projects such as the Netkous, the light rail flyover along Prinses Beatrixlaan in The Hague, indicate that metallizing is an increasingly prominent technique in civil engineering. Due to its long-lasting corrosion resistance, not only are maintenance costs considerably lower, but durability is also greatly increased. In a world where life cycle costs (the environmental impact of a given product or service during its entire lifetime) are becoming more important, choosing a durable preservation system seems logical.

First lock gate has arrived

Social benefit

DCS has worked on many well-known structures in civil engineering, including the Erasmusbrug on Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam, the noise barrier near Dordrecht, the railway bridge in Nootdorp and the floodgates at Krimpen aan den IJssel. Durable corrosion protection has an immediate social benefit here because main thoroughfares are closed less often as a result of maintenance work.

Construction of the ‘Netkous’, the well-know light rail flyover on Beatrixlaan in The Hague

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