Grit blasting

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Cleaning and roughening

Grit blasting, also known as sandblasting or abrasive blasting, is a process by which an abrasive media is propelled against a substrate using compressed air. When using a wheel blasting machine, the grit is not blasted by means of a compressor, but thrown by a wheel using centrifugal force. In both cases, the abrasive media hits the object at high velocity, thus cleaning the surface. The blasting process also roughens the surface, creating an excellent bond for any type of protective coating. For sensitive materials, a finer grain size is used.

Cost efficient

Grit blasting is an inexpensive and reliable pre-treatment method with only one downside: it generates quite a lot of dust. When dust poses a problem, it is better to opt for a dust-free method such as dry-ice blasting, vacuum blasting or sponge blasting. If grit blasting can cause damage to the object, even when the finest grain size is used, soda blasting is a better option. For the removal of grease, bitumen and suchlike, dry-ice blasting is the best method. DCS is highly proficient in all these techniques.