Durability and protection

The main question used to be what colour the paint should be. Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly aware of the significance of a good preservation system. On the one hand, this is due to a growing awareness of the importance of durability and the risks related to environmental pollution. On the other hand, people have come to realise that corrosion prevention is an excellent way to protect an investment.

Support frame for a gas production platform


Every object and installation is different, and each environment imposes distinct requirements. Is there exposure to salt water or chemicals? Is heat protection in the event of fire required? Are the operational costs of shutting down production high? An optimal choice from the different techniques and systems available demands in-depth knowledge of all these aspects. Corrosion protection is a specialism.

Due to its history in the offshore industry, DCS has incorporated the sector’s high safety and quality standards into its DNA. Naturally, DCS has all required certificates as well as a highly qualified workforce: quite simply a matter of professionalism.

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Protect your investment

Durable corrosion protection results in lower maintenance costs. Moreover, as a consequence of better protection, the increased reliability and therefore productivity of both machines and installations is ensured. An initial higher investment can thus be recouped quickly. A good preservation system leads to a better return on your investment.