Norsok M-501

In the offshore industry, quality is of utmost importance. The aim of the NORSOK M-501 standard is to obtain coating systems which meet the highest quality and application standards.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 is the widely recognised international standard for quality management systems. In short, ISO 9001 comes down to the following: say what you do, do what you say and prove it.


VCA stands for (in Dutch) Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors. This checklist is used to determine whether a company complies with the rules and regulations pertaining to health and safety in the workplace and safety awareness.


NACE International offers certification and training programmes geared towards people working in the corrosion protection industry.

Passive fire protection

DCS is a fully qualified applicator of Chartek and Pitt-Char® passive fire protection coatings.

A matter of professionalism

Due to its history in the offshore industry, DCS has incorporated the sector’s high safety and quality standards into its DNA. Naturally, DCS possesses all required certificates as well as a highly qualified workforce: quite simply a matter of professionalism.