The Dintelmond facility includes two production halls which are connected, allowing for a maximum work piece length of 100 metres. However, for such objects, the total height including lorries may not exceed 6 metres.

Maximum dimensions of work pieces

  • Blasting/spraying hall: 13 m wide, 10 m tall and 60 m long
  • Spraying hall: 13 m wide, 6 m tall and 40 m long

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Tailored solutions

The production halls of DCS are large enough to treat workpieces of most dimensions. Do the objects that you want treated not fit in our halls? Contact us and together we will find a tailored solution.


The Moerdijk facility comprises various production halls with a total surface area of 9,000 m2. The outdoor storage area for treated and untreated objects comprises an additional 8,000 m2.

Maximum dimensions of workpieces

  • Blasting/spraying hall: 14 m wide, 5 m tall and 22 m long.